Photo by: Allen Johnson (@mrjohnson813)

Photo by: Allen Johnson (@mrjohnson813)


Lid Productions is a production company based out of Philadelphia, PA. It was founded by and named after Lydia "Lid" Peterson. Lid is a young videographer and photographer from Philadelphia. Surrounded by a cultured, urban and diverse scene she began to develop her creative eye. After studying media, television, movies, and photography at Temple University she took her talent, knowledge, and passion to her clientele, and Lid Productions was born. 

Since its inception Lid Productions has worked with for profit and non-profit organizations, startups, professional sports teams, companies, artists, magazines and models. Lid Productions helps to create visual content by capturing and developing their clients vision and sharing it with fresh eyes through editing, photography and videography. Apart from the clients there is also some original content coming out of Lid Productions as well. Be on the lookout for short films and tv series' and even feature films. 

If you're feeling ready to pose or if you simply have a questions feel free to send an email or a DM on Instagram. In the meantime enjoy the art and check out shop and enjoy! 

Contact Lid Productions at:

On Instagram: @young_lid2